Visions of Roadtrips & Sleepless Nights

Not sure if just sleepless or if I woke up to think of a way to calm these travelin blues. Either way I came upon a Frank Stanford poem shared on le social media by one of my favorite bands, Water Liars (
(IG: Waterliars)


Can’t you just feel how delicious these visions of life are? It’s more than enough to make for a lovely moment in time.  Frank Stanford, you done made me stop and smell the roses with your tales of clean laundry and canoe-laquering men.  At least for the time being, the traveling feet have been sedated with dreams of a hot summer sun beating down on a jazz & blues tour along the Mississippi,  all the way up to Chicagotown. An old red Chevy pickup with torn white leather seats and scratchy radio will be the only companions I need as I go from countryside, to riverside, to my beautiful people, to some good cookin and of course, back to the same ole tunes and tones that have healed our souls time and again.

Good Night and Good Morning San Diego!

(But really Atlanta, I just wanted to channel Ron Burgandy because this will be a long long day with no Scotch in sight.)


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