U(ntold) S(tories) S(lowly) R(ecalled)


 [Photo credit: Instagram (linagime)]

 Metallica on the stereo for a wake up call

Sleepy eyes make sense of a figure so tall

Speaking in tongues on long walks through city

Making out letters til the tales sound witty 

Dictionary in hand til the break of dawn 

We made the most of that courtyard lawn 

One beach we trekked wasn’t much of a beach

Santa man gives tic tacs post Odysseus speech

Ordering off menus for the day after next, 

Can’t seem to remember the native text 

Coming in, coming out, tunnel light blinks bright 

Enter sandman, I won’t put up a fight 

All unforgiven. forgiven tonight.  


 Mr. Vonnegut 


 My mind is filled with stones

All you’ve left are your bones 

When the wind chalks up a tale

The hammer hits the final nail

Since the start, all has been told

Still stand like rock years put on hold 

If impossible falls in class and line

A beam of light won’t shed it’s shine 

We’ve only read, so rest our woes

Our ears won’t hear his “so it goes” 

Pastures green won’t rise sans soil 

Between lies price, a human’s toil 

Strike unknown with steel or stone

Broken flesh RBG is a universal tone

Come one come all, red and blue

How can animal shapes divide false and true

A madness, a sadness haunts us wild

Today and tomorrow rears a new child 

I have a dream, perpetual climbs

That we indulge parallels, destroy paradigms