Bill Clinton: Part 1 

Working in finance, I use my fingers to keep count more often than my bosses would probably feel comfortable knowing. I use my fingers now to count the first of ten reasons Bill Clinton is on my personal list of admirable individuals. 

I primarily admire his endless fascination with knowledge when it comes to life and all life has to offer. More importantly his emphasis on knowing and understanding people. Individuals who make up our society, the chorus of various lives lived according to countless tangents and tiers of standards. In his book he mentions the mystical power of New Orleans and the endless love he has for this city. I had the opportunity to visit said paradise almost a year ago and I can say with certainty that I will be back as often as I am able for the rest of my life. The people of New Orleans paint the already breathtaking architecture and historical aura with more beauty than I’ve seen in my list of cities visited. Seeing as it was my first time there, I behaved as I would visiting any other city new to me. I paid my respects by way of greeting everyone I encountered, and each one was a lovely exchange. The first encounter was a with a mailman who took a few minutes away from his route to tell me about his favorite places in New Orleans…

I had an amazing time there and hope to return at least annually. Thanks Billy for rekindling my fire and desire for humanity.  



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